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  • My book is like so 2006, but there's still a lot of timely stuff in there, folks!
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BIO: Rob Snell is author of a DUMMIES book, a now retired Yahoo! Store designer / developer, and a small business owner probably much like yourself.

COPY COW is his
Starkville copy shop
GUN DOG COMICS was where he sold comic books
Currently, he's a co-owner of the family business selling dog training collars & pet supplies with his brother, Steve Snell.

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That IS pretty cool. What exactly are the steps you would take to create an ad for your own business and get it to appear as a clickable pop-up ad on your own video?

I'm assuming it's a mix of having an Adwords account affiliated with your Youtube account, and then applying an ad to a particular video.


Yep. That's EXACTLY it. I should have documented it better! :)

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