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BIO: Rob Snell is author of a DUMMIES book, a now retired Yahoo! Store designer / developer, and a small business owner probably much like yourself.

COPY COW is his
Starkville copy shop
GUN DOG COMICS was where he sold comic books
Currently, he's a co-owner of the family business selling dog training collars & pet supplies with his brother, Steve Snell.

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Ron Pereira

I love this post on valuation. I could nerd out on different valuation techniques for days.
I'd like to add that one common sense element a traffic-centric valuation method misses is the value of existing customers.
"They" say it is 8-10 more expensive to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one. So, aside from the fact that an existing site (if it's smart enough to listen to you) has gained top rankings, it also has an incredible asset in its existing customers. With all the hoopla over search and it's efficacy, that basic premise seems to be lost. It may be why some people feel compelled to focus only on your ability to get people to your site as the basis of valuing your business.
To get people past that way of thinking, focus on growing & retaining your existing customers. You can then make a compelling argument for more traditional valuation methods.
Customers are what matters, not traffic, per se.

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