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mike sullivan

Del, You were always smiling and you always made me smile. Instead of handshakes, you gave hugs. Thank you for being one of nicest people I ever knew. You will be truly missed brother.

Paul Glass

Del was a dear friend to me. I loved him and Christy both like family. When I started singing, Del was one of the first ones to come out in support of me and my songwriting. I will truly miss Del. This is truly the day the music died.

Marla Catledge

Your smile contagious,
Your spirit free,
Your attitude, admirable,
Your determination and drive, unmatched,
Your soul (thankfully) exposed.
Your impact......Everlasting!
You are Loved and Missed.

Scott Thomas

When I was in high school I used to come to Starkville and buy beer at Brewski's in the little trailer when it was where Arby's is now. Del was working there at the time, with all the hair and the smile, and he was then, and always has been one of the kindest human beings I have ever known. I have watched him over the years turn into a truly gifted musician and artist and a true insperation to myself and others. It is truly unbelievable that he is gone. I have always considered Del to be one of my good friends, someone who would always be here, one of the 'GOOD GUYS'. Things will never be the same without him, but he will always be remembered.

God Bless You Man

Dylan Rufe

Del was always an inspiration to me after my first encounter with him. I will never forget the heart felt conversations we shared amongst friends. He was consideriate of everyone's opinions no matter what the stance was. My prayers go out to Christy and family. I know we will always remember him through out the years to come.

Michelle Lacko

Juliet reminded me that when I first met Del, I thought his name was "Dale" b/c I wasn't used to everyone's Southern accent. I had completly forgotten that, but what I do remember is that when I first met Del at the Ferruzza's camp and he was so friendly and fun and outgoing and kind that after 10 minutes of talking to him, I felt like I'd known him for years. So few people are capable of that. I'm so sorry that I didn't get a chance to know him better but I will always remember him. You are all in my thoughts. Love you - Michelle

Michael Smith

I'll always remember meeting Del when he joined Downstroke, and how the music just got better and better. His talent, ability, charisma, and the unbelievable way he dealt with everyone around him immediately changed the experience in a profound and positive way. He was one of a kind.


I met Del, when he was 2 years of age. His father and my dad, were college buddies since they were 17 years old.

Getting to know him again now that we are grown was a nice, sweet and wonderful experience. Del and his brothers are all over my childhood albums at my parents house.

Big hug to all the Rendon Family.

Jim Beaty

I can't remember anyone who was so abundantely passionate about most everything - whether it was his music or something that pissed him off that day - Del wore it all on his sleeve.

Thanks on behalf of everyone you ever touched, Del. We'll miss you, brother...

Jeffrey Reed

Just heard the news and was shocked and saddened. A true loss of a very unique talent. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Del in the creation of his music. He will be missed.

Ginger and Melissa

God rest you, Del. We'll never forget.

Love, from the Blackjack Gang,

Melissa and Ginger

Starkville Daily News

Del Rendon

The untimely passing of Del Rendon is a dark day for many people. Del was a beloved husband, son, brother, uncle, in-law and friend. The fact that he approached each of these relationships with intense love and unparalleled passion makes our loss of him unbearable.

Del's tireless support of his fellow man and his commitment to make the lives of those around him better always set him apart. Del had amazing abilities in so many areas. He was a gifted musician, writer and artist yet humble to a fault.

His passion was performing for others, be it in the living room with friends and family or entertaining thousands of music lovers across the Southeast.

Del's songs awed his fans while fueling the creative juices in many developing musicians. Del has been a force in Starkville's music scene for the last twenty years and he will be sorely missed.

Del was working at Mississippi State University as the head of Hazard Waste Compliance at the time of his death. He approached this with the same zeal he approached teaching art at Starkville High.

Del always left a positive feeling with those he came in contact with, from family and friends to students and co-workers. The ability to do this is a rare commodity yet was an innate part of Del's character.

Del is survived by his wife, Christy Healy Rendon, the love of his life and the person he would be worried about the most. He is also survived by his mother, Sheila, his father, Ozzie, his brothers, Eddie, Andrew and Martin, all of his nieces and nephews whom he loved so dearly and Stymie, his best friend. Leaving us at the age of 39 is much too early for such an exceptional man.

Del Rendon's legacy is a challenge for those who knew him to love one another as he did, help others to the limit of your ability and leave the world a better place than you found it.

There will be an open casket visitation at Welch's Funeral Home Tuesday, Sept. 6, from 5 to 8 p.m.

There will be a special ceremony in Sturgis on Thursday, Sept. 8. If you would like to participate in the procession to this ceremony, please join us at Welch's Funeral Home at 4 p.m.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial donations be given to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

The online guest registry may be signed at

Del's Guestbook

Sign Del's Guestbook at


I have known Del for the past ten years. I watched him play gigs both at Dave's Darkhorse and Rick's Cafe. He was truly a gifted muscian, he has innspired so many musiciannot just in Starkville but across the country. Del never said hello with a handshake but always with a hug. He will be truly missed not just by the musicians he has inspired over the years but by everyone who has known him.

Jeff and Erin Mathews

You can never imagine the feeling I had when Dell asked me up on stage to play the spoons with him. Although it might be funny to most, it was a life changing experience for me. He never put himself first, he always wanted to make people happy. We are truely blessed to have him be able to play at out wedding. It is a memory that we will never forget. Dell we love you and thanks for letting me play the spoons.

Jill Moore

Knowing Del during my several year employment at Dave's Dark Horse Tavern was a great pleasure. Christy and Del were good friends and a testament to creativity and friendship. Del always sang about love and healing. I wish his friends and family just that - love and healing.

Chad schrock

Del was a friend of mine 15 years ago (wow) when i lived in starkville and played a little around town. He was such a sweet easy going guy, and Christy, who became his wife, was a really great person too. My roomate and i had a house across from the graveyard in the cotton district, and Del would come over and hang out, play guitar, have a beer. He helped my wife, Niki D. get gigs, he loved seeing people get that chance, as others here have noted. He used to do that Cat Stephens "children play" song, man, when he did that it would send chills down your spine. God bless to his family

Mike MacGown

It's interesting reading everyone's messages. It's just amazing how many lives that Del has touched. I've known Del and his family since childhood. I remember when he'd come over to the house with my brothers after school (early 80s)...he'd tell my dad..."Hello Dr. MacGown"...he'd pick me up in the air and throw me around. He was a great family friend.

I know my brothers, and speak for them when I say this, will miss him sorely. Joe and Del were thick as thieves. Bobby used to watch the Rum Drunks at Dave's every time they'd play.

We want to offer our prayers to Kristy, the Rendon family, and of course the members of The Rum well as anyone who was touched by Del Rendon.

Joe MacGown

Del and I were best friends from when we were 11 or 12 years old and had many commonalities. We were both artists and both transplants from the Northeast with three brothers each (all the same ages) and amazingly unique parents. Our perspective on life in Mississippi was quite different from the locals; however, we found solace in each other's differentness (weirdness-yankeeness, etc.) from everyone else. If not for his presence, I probably would have went crazier than I did from culture shock. We have had some great times in the past 30 years or so, and some bad times, as we have watched and suffered when other friends died. We used to beat the crap out of each other for fun, and then drink a beer. When we were younger, we often seemed to like the same girls, but never argued about the outcome of such things. I have watched Del mature from the 11 year old preppy little middle school kid who constantly worried about his feathered hair being in place and having the appropriate "in style" clothing to the guy who no longer let such mundane issues as perfect hair and the right clothes concern him, but instead would give away the shirt off his back. Over the years, we both remained living here in Starkville, the same place that we couldn't stand to be in 6th grade. I think we simultaneously came to the same conclusion that it is not where you live or how much money you have, but how you live that really matters. Although I haven't really hung out with him as much as I would like to have in the last few years, we kept in touch and saw each other fairly often. Every time I did see him, it was as though no time had passed and nothing had changed. But then, I am sure it was the same for everyone, because for everyone that knew Del, they also knew he was their best friend. I loved to go to his outdoor performances and was amazed at his stage presence, personality, and wonderful singing talent. When I started playing guitar 10 years ago, Del would tell me how good I was, despite the fact, that in actuality, I had little rhythm, and no obvious talent. Nevertheless, whenever he heard me play something, he acted as though it were the nicest thing he had ever heard. I also loved Del's paintings that were as expressive as his music. I will remember him every time I am drawing a picture, playing the guitar, or seeing something cool in life, which is everyday...

Jeff Duke

"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww!"
- Jack Kerouac

The best stars burn the brightest. And when they are gone they leave you feeling a tad bit hollow and more than a little bit sad. That's when memories prove that they are of more worth than gold. Gonna miss you buddy.
Across the river. Riding point for the rest of us.

Bobby and Sandra Graham(Lee and Pauls folks)

I remember the first gig I watched Lee play with them. It was our first time to meet Del. I was impressed immediately with him. He was a truly gifted musician and a warm person. Over the years we watched them grow and the boys become very good friends. He was a mentor for Lee. Paul had just started to play with them as the bass player. Del always thanked us from stage for coming whether a little gig or a big one. Christy is a sweet little girl and Dels best friend. Sandra and I will miss him very much.

Will Wise

Big voice, big smile, big heart. Starkville and all of us who passed through and kept coming back owe you an unpayable debt of gratitude. Thanks to you Del and Christy for making our favorite corner of the world a better place. Over time and miles, my love, prayers and thanks go out to you.

Donny Butts

Del Was Never a Rock Star

Anyone that knew Del knew that. Musician, artist, yes. Rock Star? Never.

Del was that unique individual who made everyone around him feel like THEY were Rock Stars.

He can never be replaced.

I'm so lucky to have known you, man.

Chris Crowley

The first time I saw Del was in a barn on Blackjack Road. I went with some friends to see a bunch of really good local bands, around 92 or 93. When we got there, cars were parked for at least a quarter mile in both directions, and the barn was packed! I don't know who was on when we got there, but the next band to play was the Downstroke. . .a band I'd never heard of, but whom I would never forget. They were funky, electric, and miles away stylistically from the punk/rock bands I loved and had come there to see. Del was so shy, I doubt if he even looked up the whole time. Then, unexpectedly, at the end of one song he busted into "well I am TNT-Dynomite!" It was Rapper's Delight! And he was convinced, possessed. It was great, and afterwards I approached him and told him I was blown away. He was very quiet and seemed to be in disbelief that it had gone over with everyone. In the years to come, the Downstroke and later Del's other musical projects took the spotlight. Del never lost that demeanor, though. At least not that I ever saw. Del's attitude and ideas infected us all, our community. As far as we have all moved from Starkville, I am sure all of us think of at least one person from that place and time at least once a day. I know I do, and Del is a huge part of that era, and that era is a huge part of my life. Goodnight Senor Rendon,
I miss you brother.

Tina Streeter

O my, so much to say, too little time. Del’s passing was one of the most upsetting times in my life I have to say. I can remember living at Greentree Apts. in Starkville and staying up all night with Del (bless his heart, I was an insomniac) and he would listen to every stupid little thing I had to say. He would tell me how much he loved Christi and how great she made him feel and would make sure that I treated his bandmate right. In the throes of my depression, he would pull me out of my funk by asking me to sing for him while he learned every Juliana Hatfield song that I wanted him to. He knew how much I loved her music. And, then he would join in with me and we would both crack up when he got the words wrong! My poor dog, Hansel, hated it when Del would leave - aside from Dave Drane, he loved Del and Mark more than any three men I know (even now). Hansel is still with me and every time I look at him I am reminded of my Starkville days filled with the music and friends that surrounded Del and his posse. Those were the days.
Del, I just wanted to say thanks so much for being my friend, for being so talented, for helping my ex find a best friend when he knew noone and someone who could keep up with him musically….i know everyone else feels the same as I do.
When I went back for the funeral, I was very uplifted by the fact that everyone that touched my heart still loved Del as I did. And, I was extremely ecstatic to see that he had made so many new friends and still kept everyone sane with his music.
Christi, Martin, Elizabeth, Mark, Dave H., my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care of Christi. She is a beautiful, strong woman and i know that Del is looking down on all of you, begging you to smile up at him and tell him “We’re okay…”

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